About the glass filter kettle FBA is ready

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-30
Season here, don't know dear sellers have encountered the problem of amazon the goods out of stock, if not, the proof is not what you sell. Those who sell, will encounter all sorts of problems in the supply chain. Electrical appliances have a lot of customers suddenly rush orders, glass filter kettle out of stock, such as shortage of matters, so FBA stock, what's the special laws and rules? The goods FBA is very complex, in fact not '- is expected to sales Inventory = stock quantity 'so simple, there are three problems in the formula 1. Expected sales how to calculate? 2. Inventory is directly look at the background of inventory? 3. Calculate the amount of stock is the number of shipping? Then why is enough for 1. To avoid out of stock 2. To avoid the delivery is too much, why rush cost is enough, not accurate? Not accurate because it is over, you won't be able to calculate a lot of uncertain factors of uncertainty factors: 1. Button 2. The delay of 3. Warehousing 4. Line 5. Refuse to accept the 6. Goods lost so we're going to put these uncertain factors such as the consumed time try to calculate to the inside, you can stock up. The Courier said above 10 days is why? Actually general 5 - 7 days can arrive, but added 3 - 5 days is to give time of uncertainty. Calculate the amount of stock is the number of shipping? No, to be partial to send. In order to avoid all the hair was held close in the past, delay, transport factors such as aging problem, suggest that partial hair in the past, if you work out is to send 1000 pieces of goods, can divide three times, each time around 300. If it is by sea, can be sent at once, because the shipping is usually have enough time to delay enough. If it's go Courier or empty set ( In America, for example, if time is 10 - 15 days, to add 3 - storage time 5 days) If it is sea transportation, In America, for example, aging for 25 45 days and to add 3 - storage time 5 days) Summarize the formula is expected sales = average daily sales * 90 ( Average daily sales is very important, when the maximum, when average) Inventory = FBA inventory - ( Average daily sales * days the arrival of the goods) - + transit number finally: expected sales Inventory = stock quantity but after calculate, the company not to fill the most ah, how to do? This involves the communication and management issues. In addition replenishment is a supply chain system, can not calculate there's so much to you, must want to have the factory support. At the same time, the seller should also be in a planned way to the factory orders and ensure that will continue to supply the goods. Here, we divided the products into production and sales of two processes, and segment can have four processes: production: factory after the production process of production, has production is completed, need to packaging, labeling, ready to send FBA transport: state before the delivery to the warehouse. Storage: after sale can state after such analysis is whether more clearly, about the FBA stock up what do you think, welcome to comment on the appliance seller new business, I wish you all a cross-border size everything - meaning! ! !
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