About the glass filter of choose and buy of the kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-30
Electric kettle products on the market at present there are a lot of, or a series of classification, according to material relative to the ordinary made of stainless steel or plastic electric kettle and become totally enclosed, a more humanized glass were recommended for everybody today electric kettle, it transparent material, the user can be seen from the outside to the inside, also can adjust in time, especially for some worry about the water in the kettle boil dry friends lead to security issues, to choose a suitable glass electric kettle is good advice. Then we discuss about the choose and buy of filter kettle together, hope can be sent on a certain use for everyone. How to choose 1 a, glass electric kettle, selected material on the whole, filter kettle pot body currently on the market there are two kinds of material: stainless steel, plastic, glass and ceramics. The four kinds of material of electric kettle, when judging the quality, main is to look at whether there is a validation of the bar code related units. As big brand electric kettle are national certification mark. At the same time, food grade PP material generally look texture smooth, bright and uniform texture, no plastic smell smell. Food grade stainless steel general gloss good, smells without heavy metal rust. High heat-resistant borosilicate glass and the instantaneous temperature performance requirements, under the condition of temperature sudden change does not happen in an instant burst phenomenon, its compared to contains a lot of heavy metal ions on the weight of the raw glass is much lighter, there are differences in appearance looks like common glass, the vision from the 'glass' the feeling of hard and brittle. Artistically, ceramic, has a long cultural history made filter more elegant and charming, kettle and ceramic nonpoisonous and harmless, not furring, cleaning is very convenient. In addition, the ceramic appearance also can be attached many of the traditional process, make the filter kettle more artistic temperament. Therefore, ceramic filter kettle to actually use, safety, environmental protection and art appreciation, but because of the ceramic pot body weight itself, most of the ceramic kettles are small capacity in the market. 2, choose the thermostat filters used in the thermostat kettle on market basically has two kinds of imported and domestic. Import thermostat mainly include Otter and Strix two brands, the two brands are from the UK. The Otter thermostat is the earliest start manufacture thermostats brand home appliances, mainly used for filter kettle of high-end brands, can provide six heavy security, its temperature control products in the well-known brands such as Mercedes, BMW has been widely applied in the car. Domestic divided into home and sunshine, the two thermostats in Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea and other developed countries is also recognised. 3, see the details of the electric kettle can highlight the details of an electric kettle brand is good or bad, and more able to discern the stand or fall of electric kettle from the details, the details of the general electric kettle mainly include: electric kettle open way whether accord with your habits; Electric kettle base is slippery; Hukou is scraping the hand; Spout design is reasonable, whether can spill water, generally these details can help you identify which brand of electric kettle is good! 4, see power connection joint power connection joints connected with pot body should be reliable, elastic appropriate, flexible installation and see whether there is CCC standard line, parameter identification. 5, the interface of the heater and pot body hair heat pipe with the pot body interface should be installation is firm, good seal, no leakage phenomenon. Hand gently upon heaters are available, and check whether the assembly is strong, there should be no loose phenomenon, usually after water will still put 1 when I was a child, check whether the water phenomenon. The above Suggestions hope can help you!
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