About the glass filter scale clean kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
After a lot of people bought a glass filter kettle, use after a period of time will have a layer of white scale, always afraid of any harmful substances. To everyone listed below to remove scale: 1, can be in a concentration of 1% sodium bicarbonate water about 500 grams, gently shake rinse, scale can be removed. After 2, 250 g with vinegar, heat pumping thermos, soak for a few hours, again shake up and down, left and right sides, inside the bottle scale will fall off. 3, 5 grams of citric acid into the kettle to boil after soaking in 24 hours, then shake flask can remove scale. These three is currently our most convenient and commonly used method, for the sake of the health concerns of the masses of users, the electrical appliances will each glass filter configuration kettle 2 bag detergent, know that, water, air, sunshine is the condition of human survival, also, and for the purpose of healthy drinking water for millions of users of the escort health drinking water.
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