Analysis on the advantages and disadvantages filter kettle made of different materials

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-31
Different material of the filter kettle has its material give it different advantages and disadvantages, have distinguishing feature each, according to his be fond of and demand for choice. According to the material can be mainly divided into three kinds, respectively is glass filter kettle, ceramic filter kettle, glass filter kettle. Stainless steel filter kettle advantages: 1. Stainless steel material does not produce any toxic or harmful substances, consumers can rest assured the choose and buy. 2. Stainless steel shell is strong and durable, beautiful and easy, especially suitable for restaurants, hotels and other public places, is a public goods. 3. Stainless steel filter kettle belongs to durable small home appliance, as a gift given to friends, relatives and friends, both economical and dignified. Stainless steel filter kettle disadvantages: 1. Long time use will produce scale, remove scale more troublesome. 2. A single color, relatively more bulky. 3. Thermal conductivity is more serious, after the water to boil, be careful when you use shell. If you have any children home, it is recommended that the place where children can't touch the boiling water. Ceramic filter bottle ceramic filter kettle is filter kettle market to be bestowed favor on newly, it is fashionable, artistic breath, can get into all sorts of beautiful modelling and draw on all sorts of beautiful patterns. Advantages: 1. Changzhou ceramic hot kettle class is high, generally as to appreciate the arts and crafts, made filter kettle, deserve to go up in elegant tea set, tea and elegant and convenient. 2. Ceramic filter kettle has a lot of design and color, such as blue and white ceramic filter kettle now is very popular with consumers in the market. Home is a good furniture decorative arts and crafts. 3. Ceramic products non-toxic harmless, convenient cleaning. Disadvantages: 1. Very brittle ceramics itself, should take put down gently, don't blow, collision, otherwise it will damage pot body, affect beautiful, or shorten the service life of the product. 2. The price wants relatively a few more expensive. Note: whatever the hot kettle, when buy buy must pay attention to the regular products, so as not to buy fake products, in use process in danger. Within the double-deck glass filter kettle: advantages: gao peng silicon glass manufacture meticulously, wear resistance, easy to clean, safe guard insulation against the hot design, surface temperature is less than 60%, accidentally touch will not burn. Stainless steel heating bottom and imported 304 stainless steel hot plate, heat transfer rate is high, stable performance and reach the food safety requirements. Brand thermostat, ensure that 100% of the water boiling, can in the induction of steam and dry heating protection after the failure of the protection, 10 - water after boiling The bacteria in the water for 15 seconds, clear. Weakness: heavy rather slippery.
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