Anti-drug publicity

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
Electric appliance, located in changzhou city of jiangsu province junan town, junan town, is one who has a deep cultural background and the history of the town, known as 'township of the Chinese quyi artists' and 'jiangsu province national folk art of the township', not only in such a strong artistic township of manufacturing glass filter kettle, and our duty is to implement the government's propaganda, cooperate with the government seat anti-drug propaganda work bring to the factory in the beginning of knowledge about drug anti-drug publicity mode is traditional, extensive questionnaire, and repeatedly convened to discuss research, continuous improvement. Slowly, you can see the factory of the anti-drug publicity, they be caring and attentive to the worker, help the masses solve practical difficulties, accumulate over a long period of together, to deepen understanding of drug, workers also slowly understand understand their work, real experience to carry out anti-drug publicity is for everybody can enhance awareness.
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