【 Boil tea ware manufacturer information 】 Recommended cleaning

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
Of tea to tea quality and taste, tang are quite exquisite, and the choice of tea is very important; But how could the tea set cleaning is also a headache, corrupt what should clean the dirt and some tea? 1, direct cleaning every time after drinking tea, pour the tea into the teapot clean first, next reoccupy clear water clean utensils clean, this is one of the most simple cleaning method, under normal circumstances this clean enough. 2, clean with toothpaste daub and tea set if not timely cleaning after tea pot, wait to have time to clean tea set, tea set has been colored by this time, and get to residue on the surface of the teapot, tea scale clean, at this time, try to squeeze a small amount of toothpaste on tea set, and then use cotton with toothpaste evenly in the surface of the tea set, with a minute or so can clean utensils clean with clear water, if not, it might as well try a few times more. 3, clean with heating rice vinegar or baking soda if the teapot accumulation have thicker teapot, it is difficult to clean with toothpaste, at this time, try soaking with baking soda or rice vinegar by heating to wash, shaking to soak for a while, so that you can clean dust deposition has been a long time of tea scale clean. 4, unfavorable use coarse easy cleaning tools the harm tea tea set when it is important to pay special attention to the point, avoid by all means use some rough, easy cleaning tools to scrub damage tea tea set, although it can clean the tea set, but it is easy to hurt enamel on the surface of the tea, the tea set is more and more thin, tea scale will slowly seep into the tea set, tea set as it becomes the color of tea, very difficult to clean. Different materials of tea sets how cleaning: 1, get rid of metal tea tea on every scale, using the metal tea, can become black because of the dirt, such as medium cleaner also wash not to drop, usable vinegar soak, or can be easily detergent after soaking with bleach. 2 scale, get rid of the tea cup or teapot, teacup, teapot is used long, will be by a lot of tea scale, friction with sponge dipped in salt and can be easily removed. 3, in addition to the small scale tea, it can be soaked in bleach or detergent powder in the solution, and placed a night, can remove the dirt. 4, potato skins to the dirt, the removal of the most simple method is: use potato skins for help. Put potato skins in the cup, and then put into the boiling water, cover, stuffy on 5 ~ 10 points, shake up and down again, it can be one of the to get rid of the dirt. 5, can use toothpaste or broken egg shell scrub, reoccupy clear water rinse. 6, bubble in diluted vinegar bubble 30 minutes, can shine like new. Delicate tea sets, can be a cloth dipped in vinegar is wiped, finger's reach, can use soft toothbrush dipped in vinegar, salt into the solution of light mop can.
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