【 Boil tea ware manufacturer 】 What are the boiling tea common method

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
Boiling tea and tea, tea tea comparison test man's patience will slowly, etc. So, what are boiling tea common law? A drink after ten multi-channel and boiled, 2 it is without brew boiled directly. The two different dosage, taste is different also. The first way, if drunk again after ten boil tea into the tea in boiling water for tea. This way to cook tea, and more for tea bottom bar, had better deposit has for many years, if it is a platform of tea, medicinal or astringent hemp. The second option, if without the brew boiled to directly, the more strong tea gas, taste more alcohol, tea volume shoulds not be many, of course, to the best taste. Specific ratio can adjust, depending on your hand tea slowly groping principle is tea amount should be few should not be more, more the influence is too strong taste, not like make tea can adjust the amount of time to remedy the tea soup too.
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