【 Boil tea ware 】 Recommended techniques of choose and buy

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
Recommended has been is a favorite of literati yake make tea, many people also put the tea as a part of life, so as to have a good recommended not only can make a pot of tea, can highlight a person's culture. There are words of good, clothes to wear clothes on man should be to highlight your personality and not make clothes to cover your personality and customized are recommended as well, a good recommended not only request system pot technology, it is important to reflect system more pot culture connotation. How long it would take so customized recommended several heart, here is some advice for you, I hope everyone can find a nice pot. 1. Recommended a kaleidoscope of 'shape', because of investment and collection value are recommended are made from manual. Are recommended not only gathered his wisdom and the painstaking care crystallization process of creation, but also the understanding of recommended manual craftsmen and expectations. Although recommended 'the type, round mixed phase', but as an integral part of Chinese tea culture, are recommended by the pursuit of artistic conception, and the tea ceremony is seeking 'purge lane, the reason, who was free from vulgarity' artistic conception to harmony, so has 'like flavor' modelling are recommended to be received by the traditional culture of China. According to 'the more modern the easier it is to be eliminated, the traditional the more likely it is to be circulated' rule, of primitive simplicity of traditional modelling are recommended pot is more than strange shape of the meaning of collection and appreciation of space. 2. 'Workers' are the soul of the recommended value. A pot is made through dozens of hundreds of working procedure. Over to elaborate process only, ability makes pot properly reflect the moist of violet arenaceous mud, to make 'shape is exquisite, can make different recommended' model 'and' work 'is the root of the compare. Good recommended flow, in addition to the pot cover, button,, shoulder, abdomen, ring foot should be coordinated with pot body integral scale, dot, line, surface transition point must be clear, fluent, too. On the whole, recommended form correct, no uncomfortable feeling; Are recommended in detail when straight, straight, when song song, when should be must, when MAO MAO ', is a bit vague. Well-made recommended or high emotional triggers to the person, or people temperament implicative inside collect, not only express the ideas of the author, is different from other pot 'god', 'gas', 'state'. 3. 'Model' is engraved in the recommended drawing and printing, these also contained within the recommended value. Good even engraved engraved by celebrities, will greatly promote recommended collection of art and sex. Yixing a pot, asked a prominent figures in a pot on four word 'tea', the value of this pot is the same pot can match.
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