Boiling tea how to use and tea steps

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-05
Tea, as one of the three major beverages in the world, to a great extent, represents the traditional culture of our country, our country has long-term absolute advantage in the tea trade. Since tea culture in our country is so important, so today I will tell you use boiling tea is tea steps! 1. Prepare the tea utensils: now cooking tea is a set of glass teapot ( Consists of boiled tea and tea pot) , tea ( Serving tea) , TSP ( With the tea into the pot) , tea sea ( Sheng tea) And tureen ( Clean tea) , tea filter ( Filtering) , teacup, A cup of tea) , among them with glass pot of boiled tea machine advice, this convenient new view of boiling water, thus effectively grasp the temperature! 2. The number of tea tea: shots need correspond to number, the amount of water. If make a person's tea, 200 ml of water can match the 2 grams of tea. If you need to boil 3 to 5 people of tea, usually takes about 600 ml of water and 4 g of tea. More people, there are about 1000 ml of water and 8 grams of tea. 3. Boiling water: this is a very important step, we observed via the boiled tea water, when water heat burbling from crab eye to fisheye, can put in tea, tea can't cook too long, or smell bad! 4. XiCha: this step need to decide according to individual be fond of, some people like to drink tea after XiCha, some people like to boil tea directly; Specific XiCha method: after boil to boil water, put tea in a white porcelain tureen, into the boiling water, 7 seconds will be poured out! 5. Boil tea: when boiling water to achieve the fisheye, cook tea in the tea with a teaspoon. With tea boil for 1 minute, then stop heating, 2 minutes to the tea. 6. Soup: after tea cooked, can pour out, with the cup to drink slowly, if is a person, can drink tea. If it is many people, need to leave a third of the beverage, preparing to continue after the tea. 。 。 Continue to water: water generally to boiling water. If is cold or warm water, the flavor of the tea will thicken, of course there's going to be a bitter feeling, continuous boiling tea, slightly longer than the first time, after the flavor of the tea is almost no change.
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