Boiling tea machine is suitable for what kind of tea

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-05
Many modern scholars can use tea to talk about life philosophy. Drinking tea also has its own standards, but modern life rhythm is fast, so the boiled tea is more suitable for use! The boiling tea machine is suitable for what kind of tea? Black tea is very suitable for drink boiled, including s&p tea too. Black tea can be bubble decoction, use ceramic tea can eliminate tea fermentation and preservation in taste, the formation of the Chen fragrant of black tea is more outstanding. Choice of boiled tea tip 1. Material to look for the two kinds of tea, is a tea made of sodium, calcium, the other is a gao peng silicon. One of the soda lime silicate glass. Is mainly composed of silica, calcium oxide and sodium oxide. For example, the common plate glass, such as bottles, cans of soda lime glass boiled tea equipment quality thicker, not resistant to cold and hot, can only be used for a cup of cold water container, tea wasn't hot water, the most intuitive features is thick and solid, can break the walnuts, after off the floor, can punch, but alternating will burst. High borosilicate glass is a kind of tea tools, popular the market at present is a kind of tea at a high speed period of development tools, its products are designed by large-scale sales into refined, simple, trends, etc. 2 high borosilicate glass tea set, process design due to its special material, most is blown by hand. Each glass tea set is unique and distinguished, is unwilling to assimilate beliefs and historical trend in broad shining stars in the universe. So, choose gao peng silicon glass tea set with perfect shape, both practical function, security is also high.
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