Buy filter kettle need to pay attention to what problem

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-05
Filter kettle product range on the market, the brand is various, when consumer is buying should pay attention to the following: 1, according to their own habits and actual needs, such as 2 - Family can choose 1 of 3 people. 0 l about filter kettle, 4 - Five people can choose 1. Around 8 l filter kettle. 2, carefully check the product identification and description. Standard, the product logo should be complete, including: company name, address and specifications ( Such as capacity) , model, trade mark, voltage parameters, power, power source sex symbols, etc. Due to prevent misuse of warnings, should be detailed cleaning methods. Products on the switch logo should be clear and reliable operation. 3, look look. Plastic parts thicker, the outward appearance is smooth, bright and beautiful product quality will be relatively well. Conversely, if the plastic parts obviously rough, shaking inside a voice, may be poor workmanship, quality is poor. In addition, the filter is water injection with electric kettle, pay special attention to the sealing situation when buying, can not have leakage. If you can see the heater, pay attention to when buying heater and pot body interface. Should be installed firmly, usable hand gently touch the heater, check whether the assembly is strong, should not be loose. 4, choose to have filter kettle temperature control functions. With functions of temperature control products in the water to boil after power automatically, which can effectively prevent unattended caused by dry, avoid the accident. 5, try to boil water. You can join the right amount of water, electricity try cooking. After electrify pot experience fever, nominal power the product with high fever. With functions of temperature control products, power should be automatically after water to boil, consumers can buy according to need. 6, choose larger scale, product quality is good, service good quality famous filter manufacturers kettle. Large scale of production enterprises of raw materials, spare parts and strict product quality control, advanced production equipment, enterprise management level is high, product quality and after-sales service is guaranteed. 7, filter kettle is liquid heating equipment, included in the national compulsory safety certification ( CCC) Directory. When consumer is bought must see clear, buy filter kettle should have CCC authentication marks.
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