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by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-30
When water dispenser, no matter what time, as long as the thirsty can directly drink the water, there is a moment think water dispenser is really enjoy yourself. However, long-term drinking water machine of water really like as safe? After listen to much water machine all kinds of bacteria in the unqualified after the news, and decisively abandoned water dispensers, burning up the water. Now, if the home to the boiling water, usually by what way? The answer must be in the filter kettle ~ although there will be more convenient water purification machine to connect water pipe, direct drink tap water, but always think if in case you don't know, when you drink to don't know where flow of water out of the broken water purification machine, it also may not directly into the hospital. Even if it took water purification machines, with boiling water flow into the water will only more reassuring! In a more convenient, safer water, before the equipment is produced in order to improve the quality of survival, we have to talk about the filter of choose and buy of the kettle. When it comes to filter the kettle, we are familiar with, either a regular family, or a hotel, will find filter kettle. For the white-collar gens is essential household electrical appliances, boiling water, after all, have been seconds kill other products faster, generally a few minutes to boil a pot of water, some even only a few tens of seconds. The electric kettle on market structure is usually hot plate + mold, and the thermostat is to distinguish electric kettle and the key components, it determines the quality and the service life of the kettle. Electric kettle is divided into ordinary electric kettle, No temperature control device) Electric kettle, automatic temperature control type and fully automatic electric kettle three, prices vary from a few yuan to several hundred yuan. On the pot body design, single layer or double deck made enough, double pot body heat insulation, heat preservation effect. At present, the filter according to the heating mode can be divided into kettle hair heat pipe heating and heating two chassis, the chassis of the heating filters the kettle in POTS are at the bottom of the heating element. Due to poor sanitary quality of the heat pipes, electric kettle products mostly use PTC heating elements instead of heat pipes, it is according to the resistance changes in the body and control of temperature, this is the triple protection principle of electric kettle.
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