Canteen is a bento and bottle _ double anti hot hot kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
Canteen is developed on the basis of folk with water vessels, the prototype for the production of fur skins, after the evolution of clay, pottery, bronze ware. With the development of logistics equipment and to the attention of the people, canteens increasingly become an important part of individual equipment. Today we are going to see the pattern of our army military kettle, the people's liberation army military kettle development up to now, didn't experience too many reform and development. For a long time, all is the use of the first generation of military kettle, the first generation of canteen is the longest time our military equipment, the armed forces. And is experienced the battlefield the test of the kettle. Pre-liberation has been in use until 2005 and with the second generation. Second generation as kettle type 78 military kettle, the Chinese people's liberation army (PLA) airborne standard configuration, through strict oxidation processing, high temperature resistant, not afraid to burn, not afraid of corrosion, water capacity of 1 liter. The kettle is also a combination of lunch box, can be used to cook instant noodles, etc. A lot of food, wild camping, travel, adventure, hunting good helper. Aluminum pot of the weight is light, with a rope clepsydra cover the pot body, not lost. Sets have a pot body with cover aluminum lunch box, lunch box has to make a cup holder connected, and cover, can hang for pot again. Small size, features of very practical, easy to carry, reduce outdoor load. Another army green coat, kettle can be back in the body. When going out, the pot filled with water into outer bag, bag can back line, when have dinner off set lunch box at the bottom of the kettle, can be used to dress up your prepared food, appropriate can boil water, soup, cooked food, such as instant noodles, vegetables, eggs and other food. Before use, please pay attention to lunch box handle well first, so as to avoid hot. After a fire in the wild, can handle of stents will lunch box installed with branches, hanging on the bracket can be used to boil water cooking, no tanks, the furnace top equipment, no matter what kind of environment, as long as you can use local materials ( Also can cooperate with military fuel or other solid and liquid fuel) , canteens and lunch box can come in handy. The third generation of the kettle was recently just pack to force, the type of kettle, fashionable and beautiful color. Pot body use frosted spray paint, feel is good, new camouflage jacket. Coat with activities clasp, can be used with the belt.
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