Ceramic filter bottle and stainless steel filter kettle that good

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-30
The most common in electric kettle is ceramic filters and filter kettle, stainless steel kettle for those who want to buy filter kettle, ceramic filter kettle and stainless steel filter kettle which good? A lot of people don't know, here, we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of the ceramic filter kettle and stainless steel filter kettle, for your reference. Ceramic filter kettle A: 1, high quality, general as to appreciate the arts and crafts, ceramic made filter kettle, deserve to go up in the elegant tea set, tea and elegant and convenient. 2, the design and color of ceramic filter kettle has a lot of, such as blue and white ceramic filter kettle now is very popular with consumers in the market. Home is a good furniture decorative arts and crafts. 3, ceramic products non-toxic harmless, convenient cleaning. B: defect 1 very brittle, ceramic products itself, should take put down gently, don't blow, collision, otherwise it will damage pot body, affect beautiful, or shorten the service life of the product. 2, ceramic filter kettle obvious advantages, as people's living standards improve, enjoy the life is the trend of The Times; Ceramic filter kettle delicate beautiful how to filter the kettle market mainstream. Stainless steel filter kettle A: 1, stainless steel filter kettle is durable small home appliance, as A gift given to friends, relatives and friends, both economical and dignified. 2, stainless steel material does not produce any toxic or harmful substances, consumers can rest assured the choose and buy. 3, stainless steel shell, strong and durable, beautiful and easy, especially suitable for restaurants, hotels and other public places. Are make products to the public. B: faults 1, a single color, relatively heavy. 2, ceramic pot for a long time will produce scale, remove scale more troublesome.
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