Ceramic filter water quality is good

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-31
Have some common sense knows that ceramic is a good material of high temperature resistant, but I believe that few people seen ceramic as filter material of the kettle. In general, the filter is usually made of stainless steel kettle, so the quality of the ceramic filter kettle is ok or not? The author here brought everyone together to get to know it. Ceramic filter water quality is good? Due to quality problems, stainless steel filter kettle in use will produce scale, scale removal more troublesome. In addition, the appearance of a single color, not easy to decorate, lack of artistic breath. Ceramic filter kettle 1, appearance elegant streamline environmental ceramics, refined elegance, luxury generous, highlight the noble quality. 2, concealed stainless steel heating plate, when boiling water, no peculiar smell, non-toxic health, easy to clean. 3, convenient and quick, make only 4 - to reach 100 degrees of boiling water 6 minutes. 4, with the new thermostat, water vapor sensing control, automatic cut off power supply when the water is boiling, dry automatic cut off power supply protection function. 5, 360 - degree rotating power connected to the chassis, can free flexible place. 5,. Classical firing pattern, the romantic life emotional appeal
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