China's top ten brand filter kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-31
With the development of science and technology, people's life is becoming more and more convenient and comfortable. Filter kettle, for example, more and more families to abandon the traditional gas, natural gas, such as boiling water method, and choose to use a more convenient filter kettle, only a few minutes to drink clean water. But in the face of so many electric brand on the market, the domestic filter kettle of which brand good? Today, the following to introduce China's top ten brand filter kettle. China's top ten brand filter 10 kettle. Dongling dongling was founded in 1995, is a private high tech enterprise in our country. It professional research and development, production, marketing filter kettle, coffee maker, toaster, and many other small home appliance, enjoy good reputation in the market. 9. Dragon of the dragon is China's major cities led the life of small home appliance brand, its research has focused on improving the living environment, just to give people the most comfortable life quality, and constantly leading the process of small home appliance industry in China. 8. Pentium pentium was founded in 2014, is a collection of electrical appliances product research and development, manufacture, the sale is a body comprehensive enterprise. Its produce razor, hair dryer, electric iron, ironing machine, furniture appliances such as hot pot is given priority to, with its own unique strategic vision, after decades of steady development, now has become the domestic first-class brand of small appliances. 7. Galanz galanz founded in 1987, is an enterprise position in one hundred, the world brand of world-class enterprise. Galanz has 13 subsidiaries in China, the son of global is to set up more than 60 branch sales and marketing center. Its production of small home appliance, including electric kettle, variety is complete, provides a very rich range of options for consumers. 6. The Japanese sanyo company was founded in 1974, is Japan's biggest enterprise group. Development of sanyo enterprise now has 324 offices worldwide and nearly 100000 employees, and sanyo's founder konosuke matsushita brother-in-law and former employees of panasonic. 5. Philips, the Dutch philips was founded in 1891, is one of the world's largest electronics company, mainly engaged in production of lighting, household appliances, medical system, and other fields. Philips is a very innovative company, now has 80000 patents, strength is very superior. 4. Foster love foster was founded in 1987, is a mainly industrial investment in China, involving kitchen electric small furniture, cooking utensils, car parts and other related business brands. Love foster good quality electric kettle, boil water, is the choice of many Chinese family. 3. Since its inception has been committed to the development and sales of glass liquid heating appliances. At present, the company's products have covered household glass filter, multi-functional curing pot, kettle baby milk modulator, intelligent teapot, electric heat siphon pot fall into five categories such as more than 20 products. In 2014 the company developed the first domestic double glass filter kettle, and in China, Germany, Taiwan, South Korea and other places to obtain the patent for utility model. With strong research and development capabilities, excellent quality, reasonable price, good reputation and perfect after-sales service day by day, for the domestic and foreign partners to win the success. 2. Supor supor is the leading brand of kitchen electric appliances in our country, it is also one of research and development of the world's largest cooker manufacturers. Supor headquartered in hangzhou, at present in hangzhou, yuhuan, shaoxing, wuhan and Vietnam have all established a research and development manufacturing base, more for the supor group has more than 10000 employees. 1. Beauty beauty was founded in 1981, is a large comprehensive modern enterprise mainly household appliances in China group, in which owns three listed companies, the big four industry group, the beautiful water heater is a home in a lot of people in China.
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