Constant temperature filter kettle is harmful to the baby

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-06
On the market at present there is a constant temperature hot kettle, use very convenient. Once the water is boiling, as long as the button to be adjusted to the desired temperature, boiling water will not be cool, and will always keep in setting temperature. However, many people don't determine beneficial drinks the water for a long time, so we will see if the constant temperature filter kettle is harmful to the baby. 1, as long as the parents buy by normal filter manufacturers qualified thermostat filter kettle, kettle is harmless to the baby. But it is worth noting that the constant temperature the water in the kettle will be replaced every 24 hours, if not change more than 24 hours, the long-term use of a pot of water will have a certain influence on the baby. 2, constant temperature filter kettle use very convenient. Especially in the summer the baby rushed milk, from water to water temperature 40 degrees will take a long time. Using constant temperature filter kettle, after boiling hot water temperature control to 40 degrees, kettle of water temperature is maintained at this temperature, so the baby hungry when drinking milk, do not need to wait for the baby can directly rushed milk to drink. 3, but parents should pay attention to when buying filter kettle don't covet is cheap, must buy brand high quality constant temperature kettle, which has the function of preventing dry and defluorization best filter kettle, filter material is the best food grade 304 stainless steel kettle or high borosilicate glass.
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