Constant temperature kettle is boiling water over and over again

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-06
An electric kettle is common things in life, because it is fast and convenient, so it was very popular. One of constant temperature filter kettle is to filter the kettle product, just as its name implies, constant temperature kettle is a kind of keep water temperature of the electric kettle; But not everyone is familiar with how it works. Today, let the author want to introduce to you is constant temperature kettle boiling water over and over again this problem. Constant temperature kettle is boiling water over and over again is not repeated heating, constant temperature filter kettle tend to have two heat pipes. Have a separate by insulation switch control of insulation heating tube, allows the user to choose whether to continue to heat preservation, to keep the water temperature is suitable for making tea, the temperature of the noodle and so on. How to use the constant temperature 1 kettle. Put out from the base, kettle of water. Water shall not exceed the kettle marked the highest water level, in order to prevent the water boiling and overflow. 2. Put the kettle on the base, insert the power supply. 3. If we want to maintain a constant water temperature at a certain temperature, we can refer to the bottom of the screen on both sides of the tip temperature. 4. Next, we click the 'switch' button at the bottom of the. 5. Select the function button, and then click click on the left side of the display set temperature, continue to click the water temperature can improve the setting, to a certain temperature can be adjusted according to your needs. 6, in the end, you can open the hot water heating button. 7. When the water temperature reached 100 degrees, 100 degrees will be displayed at the bottom of the screen, then slowly down to the water temperature of 100 degrees we set the temperature, which is on the left side of the water temperature.
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