Constant temperature milk modulator big power consumption

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-31
Although breastfeeding is the best after the baby was born, but some treasure mother needs to take milk powder to milk supply. Powder was one of the biggest problems is the temperature of the milk powder is not easy to master, if it is too hot, the baby is not drinking in time; But low temperature and can cause diarrhea in infants. As a result, most families are using constant temperature milk modulator to solve this problem, a constant temperature milk modulator big power consumption? First of all, the thermostat was used to keep the water temperature and to keep suitable for the temperature of the baby to eat. Because the number of time and the baby milk is not controlled, so constant temperature adjustable milk ride need to continue to work for a long time. Parents should pay attention to when the choice products of good quality and environmental protection and energy saving. Power does not need too high, generally at about 110 watts. Whether the battery life depend on the length of working time, the longer, of course, the more electricity. Second, constant temperature milk modulator has many USES, can use low temperature heat the milk, rice milk heating can be used in the temperature, the sterilized milk can be used to heat. When heated, in addition, please note that don't go out immediately after the heat lamps poured out, reach thermal equilibrium temperature of the liquid in the bottle placed before a few minutes. The specific time related to the thickness of the bottle and water. In the end, it's important to note that constant temperature adjustable milk cannot be directly used to heat food, you must first add water, must pour out the water after each use. Don't every time the powder don't rush too much, not only waste, placed for a long time to also go bad. Constant temperature milk modulator is easy to clean, simply wipe with wet cloth after cleaning.
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