Don't throw electric kettle is out of order, this three kinds of fault can be repaired

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-06
Now every family has a filter kettle. Boiling water is very convenient, is indispensable in the daily life of small electrical appliances. However, these small appliances in the market will have a few questions. Take to repair it will be too expensive, buy a new one will be more strokes, and most people will choose to throw away directly, but in fact many people don't know, it is actually very simple to repair these small problems. Next, I will teach you how to repair the three failures. Don't throw electric kettle is out of order, this three kinds of fault can be repaired! 1. Switch is open, but there is no heating, I believe this problem, a lot of people are met. This is a relatively common fault, electric kettle plugged in, indicator light display in the boiling water. However, filter kettle along while have no action. This kind of situation is mainly due to the poor contact between heating pipe and joint. In this case, we can remove the switch, there will be a spring sheet metal. If it is deformation or corrosion after using for a long time, so we only need to adjust or change of sheet metal. 2. Switch is neither light nor heating a lot of people think there is no light and heat is no way to repair, is usually a electric kettle insulation switch inside the metal spring pressure switch on the touch rod. We only need to push the metal spring up, bend a little bit about the can solve a problem. Sometimes also is a foreign body because of electric shock, with clean, can resume. 3. The water boils, continue to boil water problem is the water is boiling, filter kettle are still at work. In short, the kettle will not automatically trip, if you continue to burn, there will be dangerous. If people aren't near the water in the kettle is likely to continue to burn, this will not only damage the kettle, and if it is dry, still can cause fire. This kind of circumstance is, in fact, there is a fault in the filter heat slices of the kettle. Usually deformation or switch failure. If it is deformation, bending can be directly. If the switch failure, need to readjust the connecting rod. If there is foreign body stick, direct clean house is enough.
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