Don't use this filter kettle in the home, it is no wonder that health is becoming worse

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-03
With the rapid development of science and technology, many changes have taken place in our life. However, some bad companies use various illegal means to our life brings many dangers, such as high attention of cooking oil, milk powder, and even false eggs. To withstand the 'test', a healthy body is really necessary. For the sake of ourselves and our family health, we should pay more attention to choose what we eat, we eat more should pay attention to, in particular, because 'you'. The water says to the entrance, have to say. Now many families increased emphasis on water quality. Although installed water purifiers, but the method of heating water also has a problem, a lot of friends at home using filter kettle for convenience. Today the author came and people about the dangers of inferior filter kettle. Now people's life rhythm is very fast. We at the time of heating water, in order to more quickly and easily, often choose to use the filter kettle heating. With filter kettle heating is usually 2 - kettle 3 minutes, so some friends at the time of cook also choose to use filter kettle to heat water. So convenient filter kettle is there a problem? If there is a problem, do you still dare to drink? We buy filter kettle at ordinary times, don't like to buy other large electrical pay attention to the choice of the brand, often small shop in the market. Although these small filter kettle is very cheap, but most of them are without any guarantee. Even though some filter kettle on brand material no problem, also does not have a corresponding guarantee quality and after-sales service. We buy who also cannot solve the kettle has the word of the problem, so when buy filter kettle for the sake of your family's health must also choose the regular brand manufacturers, in order to ensure safety. We know that decided to filter water quality is the key to the inner layer of the kettle. Food-grade 304 stainless steel should be used normally, better material is medical stainless steel 316 or high borosilicate glass material. But there is no guarantee for some 3 without the manufacturer's material. Long-term consumption of such a kettle of water will bring great harm to our health.
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