Dormitory using filter kettle problems to which attention should be paid

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-31
If there is no filter kettle, we usually can't drink hot water after lights out. For many students, it is an absolute disaster. As a result, many people want to buy a filter use canteen in the dormitory. Do you know the dormitory use filter kettle should note those problems? Dormitory using filter kettle considerations are as follows: 1. Please use more than 10 a single socket. Do not use in conjunction with other appliances. 2. Please will be taking it from the bottom of the kettle and then adding water. At the bottom of the kettle should be kept dry. 3. An electric kettle is working, don't let it. 4. Don't put the kettle on everyone's contact, prevent fall and burns. 5. Please put the kettle on the flat table, don't will electric kettle on heat source (near Plastic damage) 。 6. Operation should be used when the safety handle, don't touch the hot kettle body or the hot steam from the spout, Xu Zhongyi, when boiling water to cover the lid, when boiling water don't uncover the lid, so as to avoid burns. 7. Do not use filter kettle product heating water, heating shall not exceed the rated the highest water level, otherwise easy to overflow, the water boils, shall not be lower than the lowest water level. 8. Don't let the power cord to hang in the desktop or exposed to high temperature object. When the electric pot when not in use for a long time, please send the power cord is stored in the power base of the power cord hidden in the slot. 9. Prohibit the kettle, the power cord, power plug or power base in water or other liquid, in order to avoid a dangerous situation. 10. Please don't put anything into the gap or opening. Students' dormitory use electric kettle considerations are important, know this, can be more safely use electric kettle. Where school dormitory is a collective group, in order to avoid accidents.
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