【 Double anti hot hot kettle information 】 Quickly remove scale

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
Winter arrived, cold and dry. Drying is easy to make us feel the body is unwell, the discomfort is shown by throat dry cough, sore throat, even lead to the condition of coughing up blood. Summer drink more water is to prevent moisture loss caused by the thirsty, drink more water in winter is more in order to prevent inflammation. Therefore, cold winter we prefer the water to boil, with boiled water rushed a cup of hot drink, warm warm heart and stomach. Said we're going to be thought that filters the kettle boil water, it let us make tea, coffee and so on have become very convenient. Filter kettle used long after, however, is produced at the bottom of the scale, the scale of the presence of large amounts of heavy metals. Medical practice has proved that, the long-term intake of heavy metal poisoning can cause the human body, with many heavy metals can cause cancer in human organs. Scale affect human body health, easy to cause gastrointestinal digestion and absorption function disorder and constipation, increase the incidence of gastritis and all kinds of stones. Dental calculus, periodontal disease is often caused by scale. So how to cleaning? Method one: potato skins scaling put potato skins inside, add right amount water, boil off, cook for 10 minutes to remove electric kettle scale. Method 2: boiled eggs scaling filter kettle, commonly used long fouling is hard and hard, like use it to cook two eggs, can get ideal result, the two eggs shell cracking, slightly into the bottle, then in half pot of water, use a blender or spoon stirring, then boil, placed about half an hour, poured out of eggshell, reoccupy clear water is rinsed twice. Method 3: the kettle boiled potato descaling in new kettle, put more than half the kettle potato, fill water, potato cooked, then boil water, would not scale deposition. But pay attention to the kettle boiled potato, wall don't scrub, otherwise you will lose the descaling effect. To have full scale of the old kettle, boil with the above method after a second, not only the original scale will gradually fall off, and can play a role to prevent scale deposition again. Method 4: vinegar in addition to the scale of this method is the simplest and most practical way, everyone knows the main components of the scale is carbonate such as calcium carbonate, acetic acid can react with vinegar, produce water soluble minerals and carbon dioxide gas, white vinegar, general supermarkets can buy 10% of white vinegar is put in the pot scale, and then filled with water. Bring to a boil place for an hour or so, and then scrub, mature vinegar can also, but not the effect of mature vinegar vinegar is good.
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