【 Double anti hot hot pot 】 Hot pot scale difficult to handle, do you know what to do?

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
Hot pot scale difficult to handle, do you know what to do? Below will see ~ 1, together with the author throw a lemon shred, filled with water, put a night, the second day can if brightness is new, and not leave vinegar flavor, from the beginning when boiling water with lemon fragrance. Sometimes half a lemon is enough, if too long no processing scale particularly heavy, lemon to use. 2, put some white vinegar, can put a little more, with boiling water to boil, action quick, director. 3, boiled egg shell: the eggs shell breaking, with clear water will be the inside of the eggshell broken egg white clean; Hot pot filled with water, put the eggshell breaking into the into the hot pot, direct drive power supply boiled water; Stay after boiled water, will be a mixture of inside out, once again fell into the water; Finally to boil again, the scale of impurities in the water poured out. Directly take eggs boiled and, of course, line, it can also kill two birds with one stone. 4, to eliminate electric kettle scale, also can use to remove the vinegar and water. Particular way is: to participate in vinegar solution in the electric kettle, according to the share of 1:2 joined the supreme position of the kettle. Then open the switch of the electric kettle, such as burn after boiling water, let vinegar solution in electric kettle keep out after 24 hours. And then, to participate in the clear water, burn after boiling. 5, with a paper towel to make two small paper ball and spherical shape, and then put into hot water, hot water injection to, cover a cork, horizontally scrolling while shaking around, after a few minutes, will be able to get rid of the scale inside. 6, with baking soda, water, and then scrub the towel after wetting, can quickly remove scale. 7, put potato skins inside, add right amount water, boil off, cook for 10 minutes or so to get rid of electric kettle scale. 8, with vegetable sponge in addition to scale, is the solution to many mother often use. Vegetable sponge can not only to brush a bowl in addition to the scale. Vegetable sponge with fiber network structure, also not easy to break, pulling on hollow shaped vegetable sponge in hand knead up is still very elastic, adsorption to super stains. When boiling water, as long as the vegetable sponge into the kettle, kettle inside is sure there will be no scale. But vegetable sponge will replace time yo.
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