【 Double anti hot hot pot 】 The working principle of hot water

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
Believe hot kettle are essential for every family now, but many people for its working principle is not particularly clear, today the author spread to everyone about our three commonly used in life, what is the hot pot of a working principle. Filter working principle of the kettle is: use the water boils when water vapor bimetallic strip deformation of steam heat element, and use the deformation through the lever principle to push the power switch, so that the filter in the water to boil kettle automatically after power off. Its power is not reset, the kettle will not automatically when the power to heating. Filter of the kettle has a triple safety protection device: the first heavy: steam switch, when the water boils the steam switch action, make the kettle power; The second: dry heating protection, such as steam switch action, water will always burn down and shrinking when water is lower than the lowest water level or when burning, the other a bimetallic strip temperature control will action, make the kettle power; The third: if the above are not work, as the temperature increases, the thermostat inside a plastic push rod will melt, the kettle without electricity
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