Double anti hot repair electric kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-30
Double anti hot kettle to its elegant appearance and convenient boil water function gradually become important in the family life of small household electrical appliances, when electrical appliances product failure occurs, if double anti hot hot pot is broken how to repair? Understanding the repair double electric kettle, first of all to understand the working principle of electric kettle and processes. On 220 v ac power source, press the switch, led light, heater, began to heat up. About five minutes later, the water begins to boil, steam into the steam pipe, steam induction controller disconnected, power outages, the LED light is closed, the heater stop heating. Steam induction control once broken cannot be automatically reset, cool water cooling, if to reheat must to press the switch. In the entire process, any link does not work will affect the filter using of the kettle. Let's take a look at the next filter common faults and the corresponding maintenance methods of the kettle. Double anti hot kettle how to fix the broken: a normal after, heating, but the led light is not on if light is no circuit faults in the circuit, the current limiting resistor or bad neon bulb. Can use the multimeter to measure. If the electric blocking damage, can change the resistance. If neon bulb damage, do not have the same or similar standard neon bubble replacement, you can also use ordinary leds change directly. 2, after electrify not heating, but the lamp lights, that power has joined the indicator light circuit, fault in heating tube or connector parts, common for electric heat pipe damage or poor contact. Remove the electric heat pipe after measuring resistance can distinguish. If it is damaged electric heating tube, normally only change. Poor contact is mainly due to the severe corrosion power plug component of contact wire or deformation, so it's best to open repair switch box, severe damage to the best. Three, dry continuously in POTS of water to boil dry or empty pot is not automatically shut off the power because insulation switch malfunctioned. Can check whether the bimetallic strip deformation or loose. Deformation, can use forceps to fix, the interval of bimetal and switch lever please control in 0. 5 ~ 1毫米。 If loose, need to tighten the screw.
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