Double hot kettle detergent method

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
We usually use the kettle will precipitate a long period of time some scale in the bottom of the kettle, because the problem of water quality, especially the hot kettle of boiling water express, the more the kettle bottom sediment dirt. We all know that scale is very difficult to remove, because sediment contains calcium carbonate and other chemical substances, and some chemical elements in the water, if the kettle of sediment accumulation is overmuch, time grows, will seriously affect the family's health; Everyday we use brush to clean glass kettle, but doesn't work at all, because of sediment firmly adsorbed at the bottom of the pot; The author today to share a few tips about cleaning the kettle, we learn together! 1, acetic acid, in addition to the scale in the kettle into a certain amount of vinegar, then add water mixture, heat to boil, so the scale in the kettle is floating. 2, citric acid, in addition to scale a few slices of lemon is put inside in the kettle, add water to boil, after a period of time after the collapse, the kettle in the scale it will go away. Both are made with acid and calcium carbonate precipitation species reaction, so as to achieve decontamination effect. 3, this method is a waste of potato in addition to scale, suggested that potato rot to boil. Potato cooked, the inside of the kettle scale would be fall off naturally. May effect without the above two kinds of acid decontamination effective, then cook much back and forth several times, you can get the same effect. 4, and baking soda to remove scale a lot of people know the good expert of baking soda to remove stains, for the same scale is the best killer. In the boiling water pot put in 1 ~ 2 teaspoons of baking soda, add water to boil rest for a while, the scale was to get rid of the kettle. 5, potato skins to remove scale to peel the potatoes don't throw away, is useful. In addition to decontamination, put potato skins inside the kettle boil, also can remove scale
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