Double hot pot of hot water proof material development

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
Double hot hot kettle as small home appliance in our daily life daily life environment, as a high-power household appliances, double anti hot hot water use security and material quality problems by the masses of users more and more attention in recent years, the author is to discuss with you today double hot pot of hot water resistant finish history, how to choose a more suitable for their own filter kettle. Plastic double anti hot hot kettle initial filter kettle generally is to use plastic electric kettle, many people may worry about heat resistance of plastics and food safety problems, but normal filter kettle used plastic material is PP plastic, belongs to the heat-resistant non-toxic food grade plastic materials, the material to produce the greatest characteristic of electric kettle is low cost, color variety, once took a highly popular market. But in recent years some unqualified small workshops for high profits, low cost production of filter materials used are inferior plastic kettle, not only can make the pot body in the process of heat releasing toxic substances affect the health of the consumer, and inferior plastic products in the high temperature will easy to deformation or even cause a series of electric safety hidden trouble, so this year to plastic filter kettle has slowly fade out the market. Ceramic double anti hot hot water like tea friends love now buy ceramic filter kettle, ceramics class is high, generally available for viewing as arts and crafts. Most of the ceramic filter kettle will carve many design and color design, give a person a kind of feeling of restoring ancient ways. But ceramics was also belong to fragile, so to put light, avoid collision. But itself is not conductive ceramic, ceramic electric kettle most use of the tank is stainless steel tank, cannot be used when the real are recommended, and the pursuit of tea taste of the people to pay more attention to choose. Stainless steel double anti hot pot now most people home with hot water kettle is stainless steel filter. Its characteristic is that: the shell durable, simple, the price is reasonable. Some have double insulation, hot design, a lot of hotel, restaurant also in use. However, stainless steel filter kettle with for a long time will produce dirt, clean up dirt more troublesome. Can use vinegar to remove dirt, add 10% of white vinegar in kettle, then bring to a boil, then cleaning, dirt in addition to basic. Another way is to boil eggs, occasionally with filter kettle boiled eggs, also can remove the effect of dirt. Attention should be paid to the choose and buy when buy seamless hot kettle, it remains to be seen whether clear filter kettle with CCC compulsory certification mark.
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