Double hot pot of hot water resistant finish

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
A lot of people for stainless steel is only a concept, is the stainless steel is not rusty steel. Now on the market many filter kettle, stainless steel pot prices vary considerably, the reason is that the material of stainless steel, steel pot wall thickness, steel pot technology, as well as the origin of stainless steel has the very big difference, to get a nice, safe double anti hot hot kettle, grasp the following essential! 1, electric kettle is directly related to drinking water of a product, so the provisions of the state must use 304 food-grade stainless steel, the standard grades for 06 cr19ni10 ( GB / T 20878 - 2007). 。 In order to keep inherent corrosion resistance of stainless steel, steel must contain more than 16% of chromium, more than 8% of the nickel, and SUS304 inclusive of our 19% chromium, nickel - 8 10%, so meet the requirements. But nickel price is very expensive, so some manufacturers to replace with manganese, called 201 material in the industry. This is not only good corrosion resistance is far less than 304, easy to rust, more important is manganese, long-term use of harm to the human body is great, the equivalent of a ticking time bomb. A few years ago small home electric power of manganese had tainted, say is this. So countries at the end of 2011 set a new standard is clear to this type of material out of the food grade. But a lot of manufacturers, in order to reduce costs, more shipment, consumer health and disregard, using 201 steel in succession, and even cannot use inferior steel on electrical appliance manufacturing, some manufacturers even in remote areas with iron products as stainless steel. Online 15 yuan package mail of the country's stainless steel kettle is not strange, you will buy is a pile of iron and chagrin, go out shopping, after all, who can bring a magnet! 2, many consumers will find the same volume of water, why some component kettle so light? The secret is to cut corners. They not only here in plastic with two, three or even four times of recycled plastics, adding foaming agent, and the material density to reduce weight, to save costs, but the intensity is no guarantee. On the wall thickness of steel of the kettle boil another as a article. Light weight steel kettle pot wall thickness is the most time to do the only 0. 22 mm, straight point of view is the thickness of the 3 A4 printing paper, with the hand one press can according to the pit. And Ann boulder wall thickness steel kettle boil at least 0. More than 4 mm, thickness is close to a times, light weight and it is no surprise. Electrical appliance manufacturing co. , LTD. Is a main double hot pot, hot water proof glass filter, heat milk hot kettle, kettle boiling pot, and other types of filter kettle production, sales and wholesale manufacturers, quality assurance, price concessions, welcome calls to order
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