Electric heating tube surface scale clean up what way?

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-31
We all know about the influence of the scale he directly affects the life, so what's the way to electric heating tube surface scale clean up? Then tell him scale on the surface of some of the electric heating tube cleaning tips. 1, white vinegar, descaling method: will white vinegar and water, in a ratio of 1:2, power bring to a boil, pour over the surface of the heating tube. Soak for a minimum of 2 hours. If that is the stainless steel electric heating tube, had better be to use this method before sleeping in the evening, bring to a boil, soak overnight, can be placed in the morning, then pour out the vinegar water. With clear water after cleaning for many times, hair heat pipe is a thorough clean. If is aluminum electric heating tube, vinegar solution after the boil, put 1 to 2 hours, then wash clean. 2, lye descaling method: scale of main component is calcium sulphate, pour the soda solution into hair heat pipe is boiled, again place two hours later, the scale can be removed. Then, the heating tube to clean clean with clear water several times. 3, soda descaling method: put the pot heat pipes in the add with water or hot water, add a little baking soda, and then boil, after a few minutes, the scale will automatically fall off. Many times with water to wash the hair heat pipe can thoroughly clean. 4, boiled potato descaling method: put heat pipes in three to five potatoes cooked for a few hours, scale will block off. And then, wash clean with clear water. 5, descaling method: boiled egg shell shell with hair heat pipe to boil two eggs. Then, reoccupy clear water clean hair heat pipe clean, also can to remove scale. These tips are actually has scale on the surface of the heating pipe such as before to clean up, why don't we can prevent? Ways to slow the progress of the electric heating tube up scale: 1, the electric heating tube don't is too high, generally simply speaking, if the water quality is not very good, less than 2 kw per meter is advisable. 2, electric heating pipes choice, can choose some of material corrosion resistance is strong, such as: the material of stainless steel 316, scale prevention coating processing and so on. 3, electric heating tube can not appear dry phenomenon.
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