Electric kettle don't trip how repair

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-05
An electric kettle is now an integral part of life, it's convenient and quick provides great convenience to our lives. However, due to the filter kettle often work under the condition of high temperature, the use of water will inevitably occur the phenomenon such as damp, splashing water, or even fall, so often appear some fault. If the electric kettle doesn't trip? How to repair? Electric kettle switch does not jump usually has the following several reasons 1. About the problem of steam channel, in general, open the cover or in the filter is not boiling hot water kettle, not beating. Also need time. 2. On the thermostat water vapor is too much, lead to a thermostat failure. Hit bottom cover this case, only hard to shoot a steam come out. 3. As a result of the inferior thermostat, thermal deformation. In this case must be replaced thermal slices. Therefore, when we use electric kettle at ordinary times, should pay attention to the safety of the electric kettle using method. Not tripping found electric kettle, please repair as soon as possible. Because there are certain safety hazards.
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