Electric kettle, how to correctly use the filter kettle introduction correctly

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-07
Nowadays, all kinds of electrical appliances into our family, convenience to our life greatly. In the case of electric kettle, electric kettle is now an integral part of home appliances, has the characteristics of fast boil water, but if use undeserved, may bring us safe hidden trouble. Electric kettle how to correctly use? Next, the author to share it. A, correct placing electric kettle filter kettle when not in use, must be kept in dry place, away from wet areas. Electric kettle need to monitor in the process of boiling water, in the place out of reach of children. In the heat the kettle from the socket before take off, must confirm the power supply has been shut down. Second, check whether ooze water before use normally, filter bottle will use electric heat pipe and filter kettle for rubber ring between the sealing and leakage protection, so as to greatly improve the security of filter kettle. For a few small brand filter kettle, this aspect can do it is not very good, it's easy to have a leakage phenomenon, cause safety accidents. 3 don't above the water level, water filter kettle, water should be higher than that of heater, below the highest water level. In general, the first step is to add water burning, and then electricity. In addition, don't electric kettle boil acid, alkali and salt, in order to avoid corrosion of pot body and a heater. Four, regularly remove scale is well known, electric kettle inside attach to scale after long-term use. In this case, please remove scale. Otherwise, will seriously affect the thermal efficiency and service life of electric heater. The content of the above is about how to correctly use electric kettle, hope to be of help!
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