Electric kettle on heating is what reason

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-05
Filter kettle now is each family basic some household appliances, because it's very convenient boil water, but also their own power, special security. There are many advantages performance and electric kettle. Electric kettle to boil water, for example, the speed, time is short. At any time to drink at any time. Portable, basically just a few minutes can burn well. But the filter kettle is more easy to bad, basically there will be a filter kettle without heating the light is bright, so the case what should we do? Electric kettle of the light is not heating problem: 1. If the power switch is normal, failure usually occurs in the insulation switches. First to see if double metal reed to press the button switch, if the very tight, use tweezers bending upwards, until the interval between the two reached 0. 5 - 1mm。 Double metal and buttons switch lever interval is normal, please remove the button switch shell, heat preservation maintenance button switch contact and wires. 2. Light indicator, the electrical circuit, the electric tubes or the connection fails, the key positions usually electric tube damage and poor contact. Remove the electrical heating tube to measure the resistance value can be judged. Electric heat pipe was broken, usually can only be changed. Poor contact is mainly due to the power plug obvious corrosion or bending deformation of the components of the contact wire, so it's best to open the key switch box for repair, replacement of damage obvious button switch box. 3. Within the power cord or plug contact undesirable. Confirm whether apparent electric heating tube fouling, base and the pot body contact between the power plug is obviously bad. If the heating tube fouling, can use a knife to blow gently, first then use sand paper burnish. If the base and the pot body contact between the power connector obviously bad, its shape can be modified, the close contact between the two. 4. Mainly is caused by the reset switch failure. Often question obviously is thermal bending deformation or button switches connecting rod moves up and so on. For the former, can be directly bent heat ligule convex rise Angle, make the action of push button switches connecting rod is normal. Limited for the latter to find out key parts or a foreign body, as long as we are basically reset can be regulated to the foreign body and back to normal.
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