Electric kettle stainless steel and high borosilicate glass which is really good

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-07
Nowadays, people are paying more attention to health, eat more and more cautious, as a daily must drink water substance, very much attention. So the material selection of electric heating electric kettle is more strict, for very popular glass material, some people like it, think it's very fashionable. But some people don't think its material security think stainless steel material is better. The good or stainless steel filter glass kettle? Then the author will take a look at together with you. A stainless steel electric kettle electric kettle, 2 kinds of material itself to choose food grade 304 stainless steel. Pointing to the stainless steel is the law of the People's Republic of China national standard stainless steel tableware containers health standard 'GB9684 - 88 stainless steel material. But need to pay attention on the market of '304 stainless steel' is not equal to 'food grade stainless steel', through special processing to become 'food-grade 304 stainless steel. High borosilicate glass electric kettle high borosilicate glass has very low thermal expansion coefficient, fracture resistance is very good. Such as we usually just burn boiling water, add cold water right away, ordinary glass is likely to burst, but high borosilicate glass. The safety of this material is fully guaranteed, high borosilicate glass material is widely used in baby bottles, baby products are in strict accordance with the standards adopted security material production, so feel free to use. 2, 2 kinds of material begin to durability: stainless steel pot life longer, not afraid to knock against, although high borosilicate glass breakage, but there are still a possible fracture; Experience: stainless steel electric kettle is relatively easy to produce scale, and still less likely is the rust of high borosilicate glass rust problems, but usually only one layer of glass, so not hot, the heat preservation effect is poor; Visual aesthetic: high borosilicate glass transparent, stainless steel kettle might be more ornamental, but also is very good stainless steel kettle design is contracted and generous. Conclusions - — In fact as long as the stainless steel electric kettle buy to material, two kinds of material of electric kettle is safe.
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