Electric kettle switch into the water to do, switch breakdown maintenance

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-31
Filter is a kind of kettle household drinking water, office is convenient and practical appliance and its circuit structure is simple, easy to operate. However, if you don't pay attention to the safe use of filter kettle, there will be many small fault. So, after electric kettle switch into the water? Here the author answer for you. First of all, power plug and unplug electric kettle with blower, placed can be used for a while. If there is no plug, for the sake of safety, the next best is in use. Electric kettle switch breakdown maintenance after the power switch can't heating switch: first, to see if the power supply connection, if confirmed that is connected to the power supply, in order to determine the internal damage, can be sent to after-sales service, if you want to repair, need to be ready. Remove the components, and then check the power switch and the connection between the insulation switch. If it is not normal, see if there is a connection, contact if it is not normal, can be directly to correct. If electric heat pipe is broken, can only change the electric heating tube. About the electric kettle switch into the water to do, switch breakdown maintenance is introduced here, the content of the day when using filter kettle, must need to pay more attention to.
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