Electric kettle to boil an egg

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-06
Electric kettle boiled eggs a health clean health. Before using the kettle boiled eggs, the eggs and clean kettle, eggs are health, there is no effect on the body after eating, protein, lecithin, calcium and other nutrients, if you don't have to wash eggs and the kettle, the eggs of residual on the outside of the egg shell, will affect their health so general advice to use the kettle boiled eggs clean after cooking. Electric kettle boiled eggs cooked? If time enough, it can be cooked. Filter kettle is common in daily life appliances, its power is very high. In general not cooked boiled eggs won't happen. Eggs inside unripe, basically be boiled eggs may not enough time boiled eggs time control within 5 ~ 8 minutes. A bacteria can be killed by high temperature in the boiled egg enough time is ok. Eggs is a common, high nutritional value, contains protein, vitamin a, sodium, vitamin e and other nutrients, and contains the most common type of salmonella in eggs, with certain characteristics of high temperature resistance, eggs in the high temperature cooking time is too short, can not completely kill the eggshells bacteria, generally need to 8 minutes, can be completely removed. How to use electric kettle boiled eggs boiled eggs, complete the following steps: 1, preparation, boiled eggs and filter kettle, clean. Add the eggs into the filter kettle, cold water. 3. Cover, open the filter kettle switch, cook for 5 - 8 minutes; 4. Poured out water boiled eggs, eggs can eat.
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