Electric kettle water opened not jump switch how repair

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-05
Electric kettle trip, there are two switches, one is the steam switch, is a protection switch. When the steam switch metal temperature sensor failure or damage occurs, causes water to boil won't power outages, continue to heat. After protection switch is damaged, the steam switch failure, can't protect, lead to heating. Solution: 1, the steam switch damage may be contact adhesion sintering, resulting in not trip. May also be a metal damage performance change, in either damaged, all need to directly replace the switch. 2, protection switch, and the coupler assembly, so the damage must be replaced on the coupler. Filter working principle of the kettle 1, filter kettle 5 minutes after turning on the power supply, water vapor steam heat element, bimetallic strip deformation, top contact of switch power. This deformation through the lever principle to push the power switch. Cut off the power supply is not automatic reset, so the kettle will not automatically reheating after cut off power supply. 2, steam switch failure occurs, the filter of the water in the kettle, continue to burn water burn, the temperature of the heating element has risen sharply, the heating plate at the bottom of the bimetallic strip, because of the heat conduction, a sharp rise in temperature, expansion deformation, which cut off power supply.
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