Electric kettle what are classified

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-05
Unknowingly found that many families have filter of the kettle, it would not separation with the filter and energy saving effects of the kettle. The traditional thermal efficiency of gas stove, generally below 60%, the thermal efficiency of electric kettle reached more than 80%. Not only can save cost, but also water quickly, is very popular with consumers. The filter kettle on the market in the shape of the product has a great improvement, and performance has a very big consumers to purchase choice. So, what are the types of electric kettle? 1, the characteristics of the stainless steel electric kettle stainless steel kettle is boiling water and electricity automatically with dry heat protection, fusing protection function. Power supply is connected to the chassis, power supply cord can stretch to the chassis. The kettle can rotate, stainless steel bottle, clean and easy to clean. 2, thermal insulation kettle thermal insulation kettle with stainless steel tank, the biggest characteristic is water at first they enter a state of heat preservation, anhydrous dry configuration, fuse protection function. 3, glass filter kettle acid and alkali resistance, good corrosion resistance and good stability. In shape also have advantages, not only body smooth and transparent, appearance is very delicate, accord with the aesthetic concept of fashion now, rare or can directly see the process of boiling water. 4, plastic electric kettle plastic electric kettle for plastic pot body appearance, base with constant temperature carbon, have heat preservation function, triple safety device, is safe to use. 5, the appearance of the ceramic electric kettle ceramic pot is a ceramic pot body, color beautiful high-grade, is the best gift. The biggest bright spot is a setting in the bottle filter, can remove impurities, ceramic bottles more healthy environmental protection!
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