Electric kettle without power how to return a responsibility

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-05
Electric kettle without power how to return a responsibility? 1, filter kettle not electricity, general reason is not in conformity with the base, leading to poor contact. 2, electric kettle, in use process if downs, check whether our poor contact socket, or place is not correct, or there is a foreign body, can lead to no electricity. 3, downs electricity behavior suggests that the battery has a structure of other places. For example, look at the the position of switch, switch the location of the easy oxidation. Oxidation, this state of electricity will happen. 4, electric kettle is not electricity, another reason is that when I went to the store to buy, because didn't check on the spot, with easy to produce the problem such as no electricity for a period of time, when we buy the best buy famous brand electric kettle, QUEENSENSE, for example, it can greatly reduce electricity not happening. Filter kettle or electricity maintenance methods to ensure that the first line there is electricity, selects the multimeter to measure the base without working voltage, if not, the base of break. Good, use a screwdriver to open and see if there are any loose connection, no word is heating wire is broken. Electric kettle generally easy damaged parts is the base, because of the shrapnel poor contact deformation caused by heat, elastic force decline eventually lead to no electricity. Due to the electric pot of work under the environment of high temperature and high current, in the absence of power supply or power supply water, the failure is mainly due to the secure socket at the bottom of the damage caused by the hot pot, because it is hard to buy original parts, so you have to modify the damage. Remove the safety socket, found in security socket and connection of bimetallic burned black phenomenon, will connect department shave with a knife, with wires welding can be part of the machine as a result of the double metal deformation and contact oxidation, double metal plastic clip has deformation phenomenon, correction of double metal deformation processing. As a result of the electric kettle is the dual thermal protection, so this change will not affect the use effect. Filter kettle without power? We want to solve this method and a electric kettle without power, is in the selection filter kettle, first see if there are any filter kettle used guarantee the return time, if there is, will not live, can get the local filter kettle marketing shop, let them repair professional solution, can ready for friends, soon, soon to solve your worries.
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