Every day with filter kettle, should pay attention to these aspects

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-30
As people living standard unceasing enhancement, now believe that many families will prepare a filter kettle, especially for those who love to work overtime, convenient when they busy burn a pot of hot water, soak a bucket of instant noodles, to save time. In addition, many people drink like boiling water, the filter function of the kettle is best, but you know that those people who like to drink hot water? You must drink less filter the water in the kettle. Filter kettle heating water has certain influence to the body. Filter products of the kettle is multifarious, now there are dozens of different types of filter kettle, prices ranging from tens to hundreds of. Buy filter kettle can according to their own needs to buy. With filter kettle convenient and quick. But there are some material in filter kettle, heating for a long time will produce some toxic substances, is very unfriendly to our health. Especially filter kettle, use for a long time, some of the metal material will overflow. Scale contains calcium, calcium intake of the body too much easy to lithiasis. Excessive amounts of calcium in the blood can lead to muscle weakness. Size affect human health. My teeth and periodontal disease is often caused by a scale; It can kill people. So far there is no vaccine against legionella, legionella is a large-scale hidden. In France, 2000 to 3000 people die each year from this pathogen. How to choose and buy filter kettle? The choose and buy filter kettle to safe and reliable. Suggest you go to supermarket or normal large supermarket. 304 stainless steel is better quality food grade stainless steel; Relatively speaking, food grade and non food grade stainless steel stainless steel there is no difference in appearance, but you often use 'non-food contact' stainless steel kettle or product contact food, which contains some heavy metal ions in acid, alkali and high temperature environment to precipitation, increased the risk of heavy metal poisoning and other security issues. So the home use filter kettle must now and cleaning. When cleaning, need to add a spoonful of salt, a few tablespoons of white vinegar, and just the right amount of water, cover and shake, and then let it soak for half an hour. Time is up, with a soft cloth scrub gently, can thoroughly scrubbed clean.
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