Filter bottle is broken, don't throw such processing immediately returned to normal

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-03
Believe that filter kettle is an essential part of every household electrical appliances, we can use it to heat the cold water. People like drinking tea will certainly prepare a filter kettle. Is very easy to use filter kettle to heat cold water heating completely cold water only need a few minutes. All right to drink hot water more at ordinary times is very good for your health. Filter kettle besides used to heat the cold water, there is a very useful tips, is used to cook eggs. Every morning, I use my filter kettle boil two eggs. Brushing your teeth need time, only a hard boiled egg, also soon. Don't know if you have used filter kettle boiled eggs. 1. Like to use filter people know of the kettle, long time using the filter kettle, a bad phenomenon can occur easily. Is the filter is neither electricity nor heating kettle. Don't know if you have encountered such awkward situation. Anyway, before several times. Every time meet this phenomenon, always think of home electric kettle is out of order, need to change. It was not until last in filter kettle, I learned that these filters the kettle from the boss is not bad. Today I just learn I will give you about the little method. If home filter no electric heat kettle, as long as the move filters the little switch on the kettle base, filter the kettle. Let's see. 2. Household filter kettle as long as we use for a period of time, its base will appear some bad problems. At this moment we only need to take a look at the filter at the base of the kettle holes. Some piece of metal shrapnel in the pores, where is the key to the filter kettle thermal conductivity. Filter no electric heat kettle, most of the metal shrapnel all have problems. Only solve the problem here, filters can be restored using kettle. Before dealing with shrapnel, we should first remove strainer plug of the kettle, so as to ensure personal safety when we deal with shrapnel. 3. Prepare a toothpick, and then directly into the hole, if there is usually difficult to clean up the holes in the dirt. If there is dirt, it will seriously affect the filter electric capacity of the kettle. If there is no normal springback toothpicks, poor contact that base. Encountered such a phenomenon, only need to prepare a toothpick, poke a few times repeatedly, to stamp out the dirty things, with shrapnel can normal rebound. Stamp, if home have a needle, it is best to fine needle. Because the toothpick is fragile, stamp in it is hard to get out. You won't have to worry about this phenomenon with iron needle. It is difficult. 4. According to this method, simple processing filter kettle, can normal use. To prepare the right amount of water, into the filter kettle heating, then filter the kettle on the socket, plug in the power supply, hot water button. If the filter is no water in the kettle's voice, that is broken, just need to replace filters the kettle.
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