Filter causes of odor kettle, electric kettle odor removal methods

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-31
In life, people may encounter such a situation, some electric kettle will send out a strange smell, boiling water is a little strange smell, can't drink in peace. So, how can filter the kettle is faulty? If you are using plastic filter kettle, smell mainly comes from the plastic cover and handle. Isn't there any way to eliminate the peculiar smell of the filter kettle? The author compiled for everyone some small filter kettle odor removal techniques, let you smell. Filter kettle causes of odor if you are using plastic filter kettle, mainly from the plastic cover and handle. If you are using stainless steel filter kettle, and for a long time not to clean, at this time water may have peculiar smell, burning mainly comes from the scale. Scale containing heavy metal ions, such as cadmium, aluminum, lead, cadmium, arsenic, mercury, mercury, etc. Finally a case is a long time use of filter kettle is faulty, it is caused by damage in POTS scale problems or part. Plastic filter kettle odor removal methods that should be the smell of the heating power or heat pot body the result of the plastic parts. As long as the water is boiling, it should have a taste. Long-term use of this kind of filter kettle is not conducive to a healthy body, it is recommended that you have a condition can be replaced 304 stainless steel or high borosilicate glass filter kettle. Stainless steel filter kettle odor removal method, if use stainless steel filter kettle, the water has the odour may be pot with scale. Scale contains heavy metal cadmium CD, aluminum material have PB HG, AS arsenic, mercury and other heavy metal complex ion. The heavier the longer such a scale of peculiar smell. Can wipe with sand, salt removal of incrustation and thermonatrite, vinegar or with lemon can also be used to remove odor.
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