Filter descaling kettles

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-31
Each use filter people know of the kettle, filter kettle for a long time use will produce scale, harmful to human body health. So, what method can eliminate the trouble of scale? In fact, the filter kettle of boiling water should be periodically to remove scale, scale influence heat transfer, the scale is overmuch, may also be caused by uneven local heat failure. So how filter water descaling? In fact, the filter kettle descaling is simple. Below the author summarizes several very simple filter kettle for everyone descaling small coup, let us drink to the health of water. 1, sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes scaling method should be very few people know that this method is very good, can once and for all. New stainless steel electric kettle with this approach is best. Will be more than put half a bottle of sweet potato in kettle, filled with water, after the sweet potatoes are cooked. Later with the kettle is not easy to scale, but note that after cooked sweet potatoes, wall don't scrub, or you will lose the descaling effect. If it is already product scale of old electric kettle, with sweet potato in addition to the scale to one or two later, scale will gradually fall off, also can prevent scale product again. This method is good, you can have a try. 2, scale actually want to use vinegar cleaning appliances in scale, is we often use to vinegar. Its main component is calcium carbonate scale, usually use vinegar to clean up the scale, acetic acid in vinegar will react and calcium carbonate, after produce water soluble minerals and carbon dioxide. Usually we used to clean the scale are white vinegar, vinegar into the kettle when cleaning scale calibration 10% of white vinegar, then filled with water, hot water pot to boil after let stand for 1 hour, then to clean it. 3, potato scale to remove to boil water in the thermos scale, in addition to use white vinegar, can also use potato descaling. Put more than half a pot of potato in the new hot water bottle, filled with water at the same time, the potato cooked, later on again, when he was boiling drinking water in the bottle won't product scale, but here everyone is important to note that use the kettle boiled potato after its inner wall don't scrub, otherwise loses the descaling effect. Have full scale of the old level, also can use the above method, after one or two just cook, scale will fall off, and still can have the effect of preventing scale. 4, dilute hydrochloric acid if the kettle wall scale product more thick, general methods are difficult to solve, so this time dilute hydrochloric acid can be used to scale method. After adding dilute hydrochloric acid to water, shaking evenly, make hydrochloric acid can soak scale, scale removal can be quickly and then wash it clean. But dilute hydrochloric acid to scale method has certain risk, it should be noted when cleaning, will not cover the lid, is in danger of burst; There is in the process of cleaning scale, don't put the hot kettle or is immersed in water or wet power base, to prevent leakage phenomenon. 5, egg shell egg shell is also able to scaling, after breaking the eggs shell in a electric kettle, add a little polyester agent and right amount water, use the cork plug water spout, rotating shaking, then rinse with water, will soon be the stainless steel electric kettle of scale is rinsed clean. 6, potato skins to scale when everyone in the peeled potatoes at ordinary times, can put the potato skins to stay, in the use of electric heating water boil water, put potato skins inside boiled together, until the water burn after boiling, then let stand for a few minutes, so you can clean up the scale of water bottles, if still residue have scale in the water bottle, you can use potato skins to burn a few times more water, so the scale can be removed. 7, baking soda and baking soda to scale have to scale effect, use baking soda to scale we can add 1 spoon saleratus in electric bottle, boil off the water after a few minutes, this bottle of scale can be cleaned up. Or you can also add concentration heavy baking soda, and then gently rinse the electric bottle, this scale can be cleaned up.
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