Filter glass kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-07
Filter glass kettle? First of all, to introduce the advantage of the glass. Its advantage is resistant to acid and alkali, corrosion resistance is good, has the very high stability. Also have advantages on appearance, smooth transparent glass filter not only bottles kettle, appearance is very delicate, accord with the aesthetic concept of fashion now, available to be able to see the process of boiling water. Stainless steel filter kettle is the most obvious advantages of fast heating, high efficiency. Usually 3 - 5 minutes can put the water to a boil, another advantage is that the temperature is good, the use of the thermostat are of good quality and is an important part of a electric kettle temperature control, can complete sterilization. Filter kettle which material is good? Glass filter kettle, of course, more security than stainless steel kettle, because glass chemical properties is very stable, not precipitation any harmful substances. Stainless steel filter kettle as long as the materials meet the safety requirements, also is no problem, buy stainless steel filter kettle is best buy with 304 words. It is reported that high manganese steel is not suitable for drinking water, so when buying stainless steel filter kettle, please in public praise good brand and buy in the store. Filter glass kettle? Glass filter kettle transparent appearance, compared with the stainless steel filter kettle, would be better in appearance, especially the boiled tea, looks very beautiful. Of course, this is different from person to person, because everyone's different aesthetic. Among other things, glass filter bottle no stainless steel kettle so much scale, it is more convenient to clean.
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