Filter kettle and the advantages of using method is introduced

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-05
Filter kettle has become one of the indispensable small home appliance. The so-called filter kettle, is a kind of electric heating kettle. Although the filter capacity of the kettle, generally smaller, but the filter of the kettle heating process is quick and convenient, so the filter kettle especially popular. If you still have not used the filter kettle, I believe that the author of the filter of the kettle introduction to let you have the urge to buy. To introduce the filter will be below instructions on the use of the advantages of the kettle and filter the kettle. And advantages of the filter kettle 1, fast heating, 'rapid heating' is the most basic requirements of electric kettle, the original heating coil into a wider heating chassis, more beautiful and practical, to solve the vulnerabilities of scale is difficult to clean; Second, the high heat transfer efficiency, 3 - Can boil 0 to 5 minutes. 5 litres to 1 litre of water. 2, strong filtering 'drinking water health' is the consensus of all people, so need to install a few 'safety net' in kettle - — Filter. The bottom of the pot, outlet and other key position is 'authority', several filter device, can remove scale, purifying water quality. 3, functions are all pure water has doesn't satisfy the need of daily, suit type electric kettle begins popularity. In addition to filter the kettle, and boil tea special electrical appliances, such as relief boiling water, tea, coffee, embodies the care from start to finish. Second, filter instructions 1, fill the kettle, kettle first connect the power cord and the pot body, and then insert the other end of the power socket, and then heating. To switch, electric kettle or kettle automatically, remove the switch on the kettle. Be careful not to put through power supply before adding water, otherwise will burn out the heater or cause dangerous accidents. 2, shall not exceed the highest water level, water injection to avoid overflows when liquid boiling kettle. When using ordinary electric kettle, water injection can not too small, or soon will burn. Electric heat pipe burn empty if exposed to water, it is easy to burn out. 3, filters, power rating of the kettle, generally larger, power outlet, outlet, and the capacity of the power cord must be appropriately selected, suitable for 10 - 15 amperes, and must be used independently, in order to ensure safety. 4, often keep the electric kettle power plugs, sockets, power cord, and automatic switch device is dry clean, do not used water shower and wash, so as to avoid damage due to damp electric insulation, cause of failure and leakage. 5, with just to boil still connected to the power supply filter kettle flush or drinking water, easy to cause harm. First remove the plug, cut off the power to take boiled water, to ensure safety. Saw the author introduction to the advantages of electric kettle, a lot of people to a new understanding of electric kettle, know the principle of electric kettle heating so fast, also know the importance of filter kettle has a filter, filter kettle now special functional perfect, more practical in our daily life. Throughout the filter kettle will find in the market price, the key factors of filter water price has much to do with the brand and function, simple filter kettle is basically about 100 yuan, electric kettle or relatively high ratio of domestic appliances.
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