Filter kettle broken what should I do?

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
Believe that a lot of people now use filter kettle boil water to drink, not only convenient, also don't have to worry about water will boil dry. So, filter kettle broken what should I do? The following machine? The author together and see it. A, electric kettle was broken but the power switch to normal if the kettle in the power switch is normal, then the problem usually appear on the insulation switch. We unwrapped insulation switch to it first, then we just need to thermal insulation switch reed to get an electric shock the spacing adjustable 0. 5 ~ 1 mm is ok. Second, after electrify not heating, but the indicator when we filter kettle after press the switch, you will find indicator, but no heating kettle. That happens you don't worry, we just need to open it and see whether electric heating tube is damaged, then follow change electric heat pipe. Three, after the water boiling continuously electric saw is very good solve this problem, usually have a flame state switch, if the water to boil after power automatically. Under the condition of the damaged electricity is usually constantly switch, we just need to switch out of the open it, check for stolen goods, removed, will switch back in situ.
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