Filter kettle cleaning and maintenance methods

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-31
Filter kettle after long time use will produce scale, so need cleaning at this time. Pour vinegar and water in a ratio of 1:2 into kettle, and then open the power supply, to filter the kettle boil and waiting for it to automatically without electricity. Place the mixture in the pot pour out after 24 hours, plus washing clean it with clean water. If necessary, repeat the above operation. In the process of using the filter of the kettle, if a fault occurs, remove the kettle from the heating chassis, pour out the water in the kettle, and then cooled to room temperature, or cleaning for fault detection. When using, pay attention to electricity safety. Before using, check whether the voltage is consistent with the nameplate voltage ( At the bottom of the pot) 。 Don't use, without adding water to prevent dry. Ensure that the power base and connector in the dry state, to avoid electrical shock. In the condition of electricity, do not use metal objects in contact with the power base of the contact. Many friends for the first time when using the filter kettle water vapor burns very easily. Be careful when the water boils, to prevent the steam burns. Because when the water boils, the water temperature is very high, should avoid to use hands or other parts of the body contact, at the border of the space between the cover and the handle, so as to avoid burns. The filter is usually used to boil water kettle. Do not use sticky food ( Such as milk, etc. ) Heating in the kettle. Within the scope of work, need to be in the line of sight to avoid children touch, in order to avoid an accident. Electric kettle, not to mention filter kettle or water. Stop using when the power plug should be closed. Filter using of the kettle, very easy to use process is very simple. Nowadays, many families use electric kettle to replace the traditional way of boiling water. Any electric equipment in use process will have a certain amount of potential danger, we only need to pay attention to safety can be very good use. Filter kettle cleaning and maintenance methods to introduce here, hope to be able to help you.
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