Filter kettle directly connection method

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
Filter the power cord has one end of the kettle is three hole socket, connect to the filter kettle kettle side only two holes, three line, a red line has two black line. How to put the three lines connected to the two holes? Connect one end of the filter kettle is round, its internal structure is the same as the common electric flashboard. Can connect two wires, but there are three power cord. Which two lines to connect together? 1, only need to connect the two wires, but wire must be connected correctly. If the connection is not correct, you can hear the explosion, not burn or water. 2, with a black line, a red line, the other is not the blue line is yellow green line. 3, the red line must be connected. And there's two black line and blue line, you can connect the black thread. The black line and green line also answer the black line. 4, however, may not be two wires twisted together. Electric power common sense: 1, household appliances generally for single-phase power supply, namely 220 v; 2, the so-called single-phase power by phase line L ( Commonly known as wire) And zero line of N and ground, there are also two phase line and zero line consisting of a single-phase power supply; 3, some home appliances need grounding wires, such as washing machines; 4, the so-called grounding line, is to prevent the leakage accident, on the appliances connected to a wire is introduced into underground, now use the leakage protector.
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