Filter kettle fault detection method

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-31
Filter kettle fault after the main show is not electricity, electricity can't power cannot be automatically after heating, hot water, etc. After the above problems, in addition to basic mechanical components and the power cord circuit detection, detection circuit part of the parts is needed. That is to say, according to the filter structure characteristics and working principle of the kettle, the multimeter in the detection circuit heating tank, temperature controller, fuse, etc. , to judge by testing the performance parameters of various components and complete filter for fault detection of the kettle. A, detection of mechanical parts. Use frequency is high, as a result of the filter kettle heating or heating anomaly of fault as the main mechanical parts damage, the structure is relatively complex, the filter of the kettle maintenance is simple, the second main detection filter kettle, the main mechanical parts, such as power supply base, catheter, the steam power automatic switch. 1, the detection method of power supply base. Power supply base to power the entire filter kettle, damage after filter kettle will not work. Test power supply base, can press method for testing whether the working state of normal power supply base. Use mirror, on the power supply base, if the base of socket damaged, after pressing the base of the socket can't bounce, or press at base of socket can't press, illustrate the internal spring failure, in addition, after pressing, detect if there is a serious rust inside, can't power supply 2. Pipeline detection method. Catheter is to drain the steam channel, discharge of steam, to the power switch, triggering the steam power automatic switch work, realize the function of automatic power after the water to boil. Pore jams on a steam pipe, water vapor can not be sent to the steam power automatic switch, power filter kettle doesn't automatically: steam leak at the bottom of tube, filter water leakage. When testing, but to hole drop a few drops of water steam conduit, detection of the steam power automatic switch is disconnected, if the steam power automatic switch, catheter is normal. The water into the pot, detection of steam around the hole to see if there is water leakage, no water seepage steam conduit leakage. 3, the steam repair method of the power switch. The power switch is to control the steam type filter kettle automatically disconnect device, if the filter of the water in the kettle boiling for a long time without electricity or heating, you need to test the steam power automatic switch. Test, through direct observation of switch and circuit connection, the connection rubber hose, steam switch, a spring piece, bow spring piece parts status and relationship, contact end, can eliminate mechanical failure in the first place. If surface can't find fault, can use a multimeter to test whether the steam power automatic switch can realize the normal and fault state of control. Second, the circuit part of the test. The filter circuit is used to control the filter of the kettle hot water kettle. Filter kettle work abnormal, not heating failure occurs, eliminate mechanical parts after failure, need to test the circuit part of the filter kettle of various features, such as the heating plate, thermostat, thermal fuse, etc. 1. The heating plate detection method. Heating tank is one of the important parts to filter the water in the kettle to heat, not easy to damage the parts. If filter kettle can't normal heating, the need to rule out all the mechanical parts fault detection after heating plate. When testing the heating plate, can use the multimeter to detect heating plate resistance method to judge good or bad, usually multimeter display values for around 40 omega. 2. Measuring method of temperature regulator. Temperature controller is one of the important protection devices, filter kettle if filter kettle heating after the completion of the inability to trip or heating, mechanical parts is normal, you will need to test temperature regulator. Testing temperature regulator, use multimeter resistance, testing two pins on and off under the conditions of different temperature condition, judge. 3, thermal fuse testing methods. The fuse is the overheating protection of the machine parts, if the filter kettle can 'work, after the failure to eliminate the above parts, testing the fuse. Judge of the thermal fuse, can use the pointer multimeter resistance to detect resistance value. Normally, the thermal fuse resistance value is zero, the measured resistance value is infinite, the damage of the thermal fuse.
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