Filter kettle general how many money

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-06
As we all know, filter kettle is has long been a popular small household electrical appliances, in just a few years of development, filter kettle products is also in constant development and progress. Glass filter kettle is one of the more mature products. Filter kettle general how many money? Today let's take a look at. Filter kettle price between 50 to 200, the price differences mainly depends on the quality of the product and filter kettle brand. Filter is a kind of using the steam kettle intelligent induction control, overheating protection, automatic power electricity boiling water, prevent dry, fast instruments of boiling water. Generally with a split type power supply base, with automatic water, water level indicator, power indicator light, dry heating protection device such as a security. Is about 1000 watts - general technical indicators 1-1500 watts, capacity 2 litres, voltage is 220 - 240 v. Abroad have used 110 v voltage, there are also many domestic filter kettle manufacturer production. Filter note 1 of the kettle, the choose and buy must first select qualified quality, meet the national standards of filter kettle product, only meet the national standard, we just can be at ease use. 2, the filter is a kind of water electric kettle, choose and buy should pay attention to its performance. The power cord connector and the pot body connection should be reliable, elastic moderate, disassembling flexible, ensure no leakage. 3, the interface of the heater and the pot body should be installation is firm, good seal, no leakage phenomenon. With the hand gently move, check whether the component is strong, should not be loose. 4, with automatic temperature control device or insulation device of choose and buy filter kettle, should pay attention to the temperature control is flexible and reliable. 5, should check whether the switch is flexible, when buying, the tank cover and pot convenient loading and unloading, such as good sealing performance.
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